New Zealand prides itself on its pure environment, and we here at My Fried Chicken align ourselves with the same values. We take our commitment to free range farming and protecting the environment very seriously.

We source the highest quality, free range chicken from our chicken farms, one of the oldest and most trusted local New Zealand brands.

Our chicken farm works alongside the Ministry of Primary Industries, to ensure that the chickens are bred in a clean and safe environment, under extensive monitoring.

The chickens we source receive a nutritious diet of locally grown, GE free grains and corn, which has been specifically formulated by poultry nutritionists to ensure a clean and healthy diet for them.

Keeping in line with our values, we here at My Fried Chicken have made the conscious decision to use compostable packaging for all our food items.

Compostable packaging is kinder to the earth than plastic and biodegradable packaging. Producing it requires less carbon, eventually reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfills.

It’s made from plant based raw materials, which means that it’s easier for the earth to absorb, when disposed of in the right environmental conditions.

Just as we make sure that our veggies are organic and grown with love and our chooks are free range, fed on a nutritious diet free of pesticides and GE, we make sure that the packaging we use is promotes environmental sustainability, so we can play a small role in making sure that our earth and our beautiful country are well taken care of.