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Hey hey! Yes, we will be opening again from tomorrow, opening daily between 11am to 9pm.

You can order delivery via Uber Eats or Menu Log, or pick up by ordering online via our website:

See you all tomorrow!
Happy Friday everyone - stay safe and take care. Enjoy your time cooking up new recipes and feasting at home!

Why don't you make your own Korean fried chicken or our tteokbokki as shown in the picture? As one of the most popular Korean foods, it can be commonly found all over the country and there are countless recipes - some being sweet and spicy while others will have you sweating from the heat!
Take us back to the good times when ordering chicken sandwiches seemed like the right thing to do…

Hang in there everyone, we will get through this!
Can you handle some heat? If so, you should definitely try our Thunderbird chicken once we are back because it will make you sweat but will have you keep reaching for it.
With a lot of new things planned, we are just itching to reopen. Our crispy and juicy 100% free-range chickens… We cannot wait to serve our fried chicken to you. Let’s hope for the good news next week!
Our My Plant-Based Sandwich is all ready and we are waiting patiently to launch it once we are out of the lockdown...

The 100% Vegan Friendly plant-based MFC "chicken" sandwich still has the same crunch and flavour... Who's excited? We certainly are.

Take care everyone - stay safe and have an amazing Father’s Day this Sunday!
Has anyone tried making your own burger at home?

We would love to see your creations – tag us in your stories or posts!
Hope you had a good weekend - did you try making fried chicken at home by any chance?

If not, how about trying that this week?
Man, Friday cravings are real... What are you missing the most - the crispy chicken or the soft garlic bread?
Have you tried tteokbokki before? Tteokbokki is one of the most popular and iconic street foods in Korea. The rice cake’s chewy texture with delicious yet spicy sauce combination will have you craving for more.

Why don’t you give it a go next time you are here? Well, once we are all back to normal. Happy hump day! ;)
With a wide range of flavours to choose from, our Chibap will be a perfect lunch... Make sure to add this to your To-Do-List and get it once we are back!

Hope you had a good weekend and take care!
Yang Nyeom or Original Chicken Sandwich?

Stay safe fam! Hope you are doing okay... What have you got planned for this weekend?
Stay at home and stay safe fam.

We will be closed until further notice.

See you on the flip side!
My Plant-Based Sandwich is coming to MFC!

Vegan-friendly, plant-based "chicken" topped with pickles and secret vegan sauce, sandwiched between our famous potato buns, it's still the crunchy, juicy and delicious MFC Sandwich!

Stay tuned for more updates!
Team drumstick or wings? Whatever it is, there’s always time to enjoy our free-range chickens. How about experiencing our dine-in tonight?
Snap a photo first or get straight into devouring our garlic bread – what would you do first?
We have new Chicken Sandwich flavours available: Maple Sandwich and Thunderbird Sandwich! As one of the most popular flavours, there're more ways to enjoy MFC now.

So, which flavour do you want to try first between the two?
Would you bite the burger first or have some of the fries first?
Monday lunch sorted?